A Face Full of Snow

The first big snow of the season arrived and it finally felt like winter. My four year old, who has little memory of the previous winter, experienced the snow anew and with sheer, unmitigated delight. As we walked through our neighborhood, he shrieked at practically every falling snowflake. We stopped in front of a neighbor’s house, chatted her up a bit, and contemplated building a snow fort. Then, with no warning, he flung himself down in the snow, face first, and began sweeping his arms and legs back and forth, jumping-jack style. I could just make out his muffled exclamations:

“A snow angel! I’M A SNOW ANGEL!”

He jumped up with a face full of snow, broke out into uncontrollable giggles, and we all laughed. I started to explain to him that snow angels are typically done while lying on your back, but I stopped myself. Why not a face-first snow angel?

I typically don’t make new year resolutions, but I’m making an exception here. This is the year of diving into the unknown, face first, and emerging happy and proud.